About Us

Librariana Dr. Jason Nairn stands smiling at a printing press in his workshop.

Growing up, my parents were collectors.  They sought fine art, antiques and collectibles to furnish our home and helped others find special pieces for their collections.  My Father's interests were often founded in the history of Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas.  He collected to preserve the history of the people and organizations that built the city, and collected glassware related to local Pittsburgh manufacturers, sharing his finds and knowledge with our local community. My parents' influence instilled in me a love for the beauty and history of rare objects of quality.

Years later, after I moved away from Pennsylvania, my daughter, who is an avid and speedy reader, read everything that the children's section of our local library had to offer.  As I searched for more books I began a journey to collect the finest books for a library built just for her, that would be an heirloom for her and her future family.  This quest began as a project, and became, as it has been said, "a gentle madness", as a love of books connected to, and intersected with, my appreciation of antiques and historical objects.

After over a decade of buying, selling and collecting, I have accumulated a collection of fine books and ephemera, art and decor, and library furnishings, and I have learned to recognize quality and value in great books.  In addition, I have come to appreciate the importance of home as sanctuary and as a place to thrive.  I started Librariana as a way to share and expand this appreciation.  Our site is the culmination of a lifetime of intersecting interests and a dedication to using what I have learned to help others to improve their libraries and bookspaces.  We also repair books to give them longer life, and help individuals and organizations looking to improve their libraries and bookspaces.

When not working in the bindery/print shop or reading great books, I am out searching for the best items to offer on this site.  I hope you enjoy browsing and that you find something special to "improve your library"!

If we can help you with your bookspaces, bookstore business or if you need book repair services, please reach out via our Contact Us page.

At Your Service,

Dr. Jason P. Nairn
Librariana, LLC