Item #215 "The Art & Craft of Textile Design 1860-1920" Poster. Andre Chaves.

"The Art & Craft of Textile Design 1860-1920" Poster

Pasadena, CA: The Clinker Press, 2008. Hand printed on custom stock, "The Art & Craft of Textile Design - 1860-1920" poster was created to commemorate the special 2008 exhibit at the Pasadena Museum of History curated by Ann Chaves, wife of The Clinker Press' Andre Chaves. Ann served as the curator for this exhibition, which is covered more extensively here. From the site:

“One of the main reasons I am so attracted to this particular period of textile design is the sophistication and the thought process that went into their creation,” says Chaves. The Arts and Crafts textile movement came about after the decline in textile quality and aesthetic that occurred during the Victorian period. This decline was due to the invention of the sewing machine and the use of aniline dyes. The Arts and Crafts Era issued in more refined styles of textile design and an emphasis on handmade textiles. Educational facilities were established specializing in artistic needlework, including the Royal School of Needlework in London and the Needlework Department at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland.
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